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CHUF’s 35th Anniversary

In October 2018 CHUF celebrated it’s 35th birthday!

In 1979, a parent named Anne Scott, set up the Lesley Anne Scott Memorial Fund after the death of her daughter Lesley Ann, who was born with a serious heart problem.

Anne retired as a Trustee in 1983 and it was her wish that the charity should be renamed the Children’s’ Heart Unit Fund (CHUF) on 27th October 1983.

With the donation of a caravan, which was refurbished and decorated with the CHUF logo by grateful parents, they toured the North East and North Yorkshire attending fetes and fairs making people aware of the charity and the wonderful work being done at the Freeman!



Since then, CHUF has raised £10million to support children looked after by the Freeman Hospital. With recent substantial growth in funds raised, CHUF is now also able to support additional hospitals in the Northern region providing children’s cardiac care.


We are encouraging CHUF’s supporters to celebrate our amazing achievements!


Save £35 for CHUF – Could you save £35 for CHUF? 

Simply place a money tin at work, home or school and watch the funds grow with your spare change – it’s as easy as that!

If your morning coffee costs £2.50 could you save your change and put it away for CHUF? Or how about giving up one of your takeaways this month? You’ll thank us for it later!


Raise £35 – Can you raise £35 for CHUF? 

Keep things simple and organise a bake sale with friends, family or colleagues. Everyone loves a freshly baked pie or scrumptious slice of cake, so why not raise funds for CHUF at the same time? We have “Bake Sale Tent cards” and many other downloadable resources available as part of our fundraising pack. Make it fun! We also have a great downloadable “Guess Mr Chufty’s name” sweepstake poster, why not print one out and get friends involved, choose your own prize and charge £1 a guess! Click Here to download your pack!



Gift £35 to CHUF

By donating £35 this will help CHUF to provide two families with a wash bag for the first night they spend on the ward with their child. The CHUF wash bags contain everything families need to wash, brush their teeth and freshen up as often they are rushed to the Children’s Heart Unit with nothing more than the clothes they arrive in.

£35 could also fund a Build a Bear complete with it’s very own outfit! Having gifts such as these on hand, not only at Christmas time but also for birthdays and other special occasions, is invaluable in providing comfort for our patients during what can be many weeks or even months spent on the heart unit.


To donate now click here


Want to know more about CHUF and where it all began?

Susan Jackson tells us her story here


Children's Heart Unit Fund - CHUF

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